• healthy wok pan


    Mica is a natural silicate mineral. It is formed by lava from volcanic eruptions being buried underground and undergoing transformations under high humidity and heat in volcanic areas, eventually becoming acidic subs...
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  • Non Stick frying pan

    Surprise the woman in your life with a BC pan

    The origin of Mother’s Day can be traced back to 250 BC, the celebration of Mother Goddess’ Day in Greek mythology. In modern times, the original proponent of Mother’s Day was American social activist Anna Besser Wade (Anna Jarvis). She started the Mother’s Day movement in...
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    How to make your outdoor cooking experience much better?

    Regarding common outdoor cooking utensils: There are actually quite a few types of outdoor cooking utensils nowadays, and many cars with discharge can even use electric ovens or similar. However, this type of solar oven and similar solar ovens are too exotic from the perspective of outdoor hikin...
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  • p2

    Golden chef teach you cook, Love cooking ever since

    1. Stir-fry any vegetarian dish Oil and garlic stir-fry + oyster sauce + soy sauce + salt to the right amount 2. All kinds of sweet and sour dishes According to the proportion, 1 part wine + 2 parts soy sauce + 3 parts sugar + 4 parts vinegar + 5 parts water 3. Supreme mixed noodle fry sauce Oil ...
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  • n1

    How the non-stick pan is made?

    Non-stick cookware is arguably one of the greatest inventions ever made in the field of cookware, because non-stick cookware has greatly reduced the difficulty of cooking, and kitchen whites without any cooking experience can start to stir-fry a dish smoothly. As we all know, a kitchen with just ...
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    How to cook tamago-yaki in a non-stick frying pan?

    List of ingredients 5 eggs 5g chopped green onion 3g salt Cooking steps 1: Beat 5 eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and mix well. Use an egg whisk or chopsticks to fully whisk the eggs until they fall apart. This step can also be done by straining the egg mixture through a sieve, it will be smo...
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    What is the material of the coating of the non-stick pan, is it harmful to human health?

    Non-stick pan according to the classification of non-stick coating, can be divided into: Teflon coating non-stick pan and ceramic coating non-stick pan 1. Teflon coating The most common non-stick coating in our life is Teflon coating, scientifically known as “polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)&...
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